Coding resources

I keep an updated list of useful resources for coding education here for librarians and other educators to make use. Hope this helps you!

Coding for Libraries 2017 Presentation

Online IDEs

When a student or a patrons comes into your library with coding needs, odds are good that you don’t have the coding language installed on your computers. These online Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) offer a web-based platform to test and develop code.

Coding Grounds

Coding Grounds from TutorialsPoint offers an incredible range of online terminals and IDEs for many programming languages. Not always the best for programs that rely on intense libraries, but excellent in a pinch when you need to test some code. No account needed to use. offers a clean interface for developing code in a variety of programming languages, including Python, Ruby, HTML/CSS/JS, C# and more. You can create a free account with Facebook or Google credentials to sort your code, and it has a built in revision system that tracks your changes. The editor has some advanced syntax handling features too. A servicable portable IDE.

Statistics on the need for more STEM education

In case you need data to pitch your program to a supervisor or grantor, these sites offer state specfic data on the shortfall in CS trained individuals.

Change the Equation

An advocacy group that pushes for greater STEM education. Check out their Vital Stats.

The stellar geniuses behind the successful Hour of Code events, is packed with interactive lessons for kids of various ages and skill levels. They also have excellent factsheets for each state, breaking down the shortfall in CS trained individuals.

Sam Aaron’s Ted Talk

A TED talk I share with most of my audiences, Sam Aaron stresses that coding can offer much more than a path to a lucrative career. Just as writing offers the ablity to express ourselves, understand and control our world and enhance our lives, so too does coding provide that empowerment. He goes on to demonstrate his invention Sonic-Pi, a coding language for live music creation and performance.

More to come.